For Brandon’s studio at the University of Kansas


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KU Drumset Sylabi


For Jazz Pedagogy

drumset styles


SMW DRUM SHOW  - dance team track download:

drumming 4-2.1





College and Adult Student Curriculum

Kansas City MO, Overland Park, Lawrence KS

Drumset, World Percussion, Improvisation

*Jazz, Rock, Funk, Fusion, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, Indian rhythmic concepts, odd-meter, metric modulation, brushes, alternative techniques, break-beat, drum n bass,

*Djemba, conga, cajon, bongo, pandeiro, surdo, caixa, riq, kanjira, frame drum, bodrhan, darabuka, dumbek, shakers, tambourine, agogo, bells, timbales, tamborim, caixixi, frying pans

*using looping technology


*On-Track Specialized Personal Practice Curriculum

a personal curriculum for each student is created to build on strengths and increase ability toward mastering and overcoming weakness.

60 min. meetings/by appointment



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