Hope North

Hope North is educating and healing the young victims of Uganda’s civil war, including orphans and former child soldiers, empowering them to become voices for peace and development.

Founded in 1998 by artist and former child soldier Okello SamHope North is an accredited secondary school located on a 40-acre campus with an international arts center, vocational training, and a working farm, staffed by 26 dedicated Ugandan educators. Over 1,500 vulnerable youth have lived at Hope North, and today 255 incredible youth are working towards their degrees and planning careers. These youth in turn are contributing to peace-building by organizing educational theater and soccer tournaments throughout the north, an area destroyed by years of war, reaching thousands more.

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Brandon Studied with Okello Sam and Wade Patterson while in graduate school at the University of New Mexico.  A few years later Brandon hosted Okello as the guest performer at East Mountain High School in Sandia Park NM.  Okello’s infectious positive attitude and love of people and music made a profound impact on Brandon’s teaching and performing style.

***proceeds from Brandon’s Drum Safari album sales go directly to Hope North.




If You Knew The Gift

Every year thousands of people die and many more are made ill by using dirty water for drinking and cooking.  In Haiti, this problem is especially prevalent.  The Missouri Conference of the United Methodist Church has made providing clean water to the people of Haiti a priority.  By using the HydrAid Biosand Water filter, we are able to make dirty water safe for drinking and cooking.

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***proceeds from Brandon’s  If you Knew The Gift/Soundtrack album go directly toward water filters in Haiti





Our faith teaches us that we are one human family, and that we have a responsibility to the most vulnerable of our brothers and sisters, wherever they live or whatever faith they may be.

For more than 30 years, Christian Foundation for Children and Aging (CFCA) has brought hope to families living in poverty in the 22 countries where we work. Founded in 1981 by lay Catholics acting on the Gospel call to serve the poor, we have grown into a movement of more than 250,000 sponsors who are supporting more than 300,000 children, youth and aging friends worldwide.

When a sponsor commits to sponsoring a child, youth or aging friend for $30 a month through our Hope for a Family sponsorship program, it impacts the entire family. Our approach to sponsorship provides basic necessities like food, education, clothing and access to medical care – but then it goes much further.

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***Brandon’s close friend Barclay Martin created the music for the CFCA film Rise and Dream